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Welcome to J & J Works Pressure Wash. Happily offering eco-friendly pressure washing & window cleaning services' in San Francisco and surrounding areas. We serve residential as well as commercial customers across Northern California. J & J remain as dedicated as possible when it comes to environmental protection by offering professional knowledge, great customer services, environmentally safe practices, and top of the line equipment. Our commitment to environmental stewardship remains unrivaled in the Northern California pressure washing industries. Maximize your savings with J & J Works by getting high quality, reliable, cost-effective, one time service or regular wash program. Call us today to receive your FREE estimate.   

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​J & J Works PW delivers outstanding environmentally safe pressure cleaning to our clients and customers.  Our company strives to not only leave your home and/or business looking fresh and clean, but also both the environment and humans safe.  Our professional skill and knowledge allows us to practice green mothods by servicing your property with bio-degradable products which are natural decomposition, which is less taxing on landfills and the ecosystem as a whole. We decided to #GO GREEN because harsh cleaning chemicals have show to be a cause long term health problems.  For example, it has been found that some widely used cleaning products have adverse effects on mother earth, our health, building occupants and the cleaners.    This is why J & J Works PW is as dedicated to only using products that have been certified.  J & J Works PW does their part so we can live a cleaner and better future.  


Green Cleaning are sustainable products in which we provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal.  With the use of only certified green products we complete the task as if it were a regular products.  However, our methods are less likely to expose professionals to polluting chemicals that can be harsh or potentially toxic.  A property cleaned with green cleaners is describes as offering a better workplace with less chemically induced illnesses.  J & J Works PW tries to please mother earth and customers across Norther California.